House Your Soul Residents include George Kristopher, Mr X & Mikekon. Check out their biographies and online mixes below!


George Kristopher is Sydney local who has been spinning records since the age of 14.

14 years on, and a record collection that is still growing, has seen George play at many of Australia’s deep and soulful nights, as well as being fortunate enough to play all over the globe and support house music legends such as Karizma, DJ Gregory, Marshall Jefferson & vocalist Julie McKnight to name a few.

Back in 2006, George co-founded House Your Soul. A group responsible for holding the infamous (and secret) loft parties named ‘Respect’. Evoking the spirit of the old school loft party, House Your Soul hosted a series of nights in Sydney’s inner city for all underground music lovers, open-minded folks and dancers. The last two House Your Soul parties have included house music great Josh Milan of Blaze NYC & Honeycomb Records and Tribe Records very own head honcho Zepherin Saint.

George’s sets are a melting pot of house, soul and disco. A self confessed perfectionist, he always finds the right songs to set the mood of any party and entertain any dance floor, and now he brings that energy to the airwaves on his own radio show every Wednesday night on Bondi FM. George’s passion for the underground sound has only increased over the years, and through this energy, he plans to build on the solid foundation that the House Your Soul brand has revived back into Australia.


Mr. X is an underground dance ‘purist’. But don’t let this fool you. His passion for the pure is for the raw and emotional sounds that give underground dance music its soulful edge – gospel voices, intoxicating hooks and banging basslines, and his reverence of the genre’s history and its founders. However, his perpetual hunger to dig deep into the sound ensures that his mixes are a Party Mix lolly bag of disco, funk, gospel, afro-beats and Latin classics, and he is always guaranteed to drop an obscure vinyl surprise. He strives to uncover hidden gems for the crowd and reveal the eclectic nature of the sound, and as untamed as his choices are, he keeps them tight with seamless mixing.

In keeping with his chosen duty to uphold the legacy of the sound, he aims to translate the values of the music onto the dancefloor – love, joy and equality. He has been pushing and playing genres of an underground soulful bent around Sydney since 1999.



Whilst starting out as an extremely young DJ during school, handing out mix cd’s to his mates, he landed himself club gigs before the age of 18. Spinning away in the less illustrious scene, slowly working his way along the Cross and Oxford st. Holding residency at Ruby Rabbit whilst showboating on the side at Melt, YU, Havana various cruise parties and supporting Sandy Rivera at Sounds on Sunday filled his Pre HYS years.

In the European summer of 07, Mike found work in various beach bars and clubs in Greece and it was there where his real education began. Daily 6 hr sets at these bars helped him discover the world of the deep and soulful.
And so it began like others, MAW obsession, Yoruba, Karizma, and Atjazz.. These sounds had taken over everything he knew and blew him away.

A long residency and promoting at the Civic Underground and saloon bar followed, supporting various international acts such as Charles Webster & Nicodemus. Whilst the renovations there took place Mike encountered an extremely steep learning curve into the sound, lighting, testing of the state-of-the art Allen & Heath V6 mixer and also the interiors of Sydney’s clubbing industry.

HYS & Now

Meeting with Artie (Mr X) & George Kristopher, had changed Mike’s musical direction, enhanced it and set free the sounds that had been held back over the years. Forming together has brought a strong bond between the boys, throwing parties that most in the scene had given up hope of and introducing a weekly HYS Radio show on Bondi FM where mike is a regular guest and proud supporter of its host GK. Feb 2011 was a milestone for HYS with the extremely successful party hosting Zepherin Saint. This party proved that here are no boundaries when real hard work, effort and love is poured into HYS.

There is no doubting Mike’s love for the sounds of deep and soulful music. His passion drives him to search and search for new and unreleased music with the intention of moving floors. Mike puts no boundary on what to play. He plays what he sees, what he’s learnt and what he imagines.

Local talented dj’s past and present must be thanked for helping and guiding me. HYS boys MOST DEF! Billy Mac, G.Gallo, and another big influence in James Locksmith, who on FBI Radio we have shared some big mix sessions quite regularly.

Mikekon HYS mix

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